Webster, Daniel J.

geboren 1955 in Pasadena, Kalifornien, USA
lebt in Tokio, Japan


Deutsch, Russisch






Misono 1-49-20-302, Itabashi-ku
175-0091 Tokio



Keeping Order on My Shelf: Poems and Translations, a book of original poetry and translations from German and Russian, including biographical sketches of the poets whose work is translated therein; iUniverse, 2005, ISBN 0-595-33915-8. (Editorial Comments by Rachel Hadas.)


“Rendering Modern English-Language Drama into Living Japanese: An Interview with Koshi Odashima.,” appearing in issue #64 of Translation Review, the official publication of the American Literary Translators Association, published at the University of Texas at Dallas, December, 2002, ISSN 0737-4836.


“Love,” a translation from the Russian of a poem by Dmitry Kedrin, in Issue Seven of Beacons: A Magazine of Literary Translation, published by the American Translators Association, Alexandria Virginia, 2002, ISBN 0-914175-12-2.


“Insomnia and Homer: A Comparative Study of Translations into English of an Early Poem by Osip Mandelstam,” a critical paper appearing in issue #60 of Translation Review, the official publication of the American Literary Translators Association published at the University of Texas at Dallas, Autumn, 2000, ISSN 0737-4836.


“On the Day of the Fair,” a poem included in GRRRRR: A Collection of Poems About Bears, an anthology including the work of Adrienne Rich, Gary Snyder and the late Ted Hughes, published in 2000 by Arctos Press, Sausalito, California, ISBN 0-9657015-1-4.


“Some Observations on Richard Wilbur’s The Beautiful Changes and Other Poems,” an introduction for Japanese readers to the first book to be published by the future Poet Laureate of the United States, published by the Waseda University English Literature Society in issue 77 of Eibungaku (English Literature) in March 1999.


Dreams and Responsibilities, Original Poetry and Translations from German and Russian, Printed Matter Press, 1993, ISBN 0-935086-23-4. (Editorial Comments by Richard Wilbur.)


Fir and Birch, Notes on the Poets Translated in Dreams and Responsibilities, Edited by Matthew Zuckerman, New Leaf Press, 1993.


“Three Classics from Poland,” an article introducing the works of three major Polish authors of the late 19th and early 20th centuries to English-speaking readers, published in the Winter issue of Printed Matter magazine for 1992.


“Classical Russian Poetry: An Introduction,” published in five consecutive issues of Printed Matter magazine, from the issue for November and December, 1986 to the issue for September and October, 1987.



Internet Publication


My translations into English of works by the German Expressionist poet Paul Boldt, along with my biographical sketch of Boldt, now constitute the English-language component of a German-based website dedicated to that writer: www.paul-boldt.de/index.html




Mein erstes Buch, ,,Dreams and Responsibilities", erhielt günstigen Kommentar vom berühmnten Dichter/Übersetzer Richard Wilbur; und meine zweite Sammlung, ,,Keeping Order on My Shelf" enthält eine Wettscheibe von der wohlbekannter Dichterin/Übersetzerin Rachel Hadas. (Die beiden Bücher bestehen aus ungefähr 2/3 der eigenen Gedichten und 1/3 Übersetzungen aus Deutsch und Russisch, so wie biographische Skizzen über die Dichter, deren Werke ich übersetzt habe. Unter dieser deutschsprachligen Dichtern sind Friedrich Hölderlin, Novalis, Eduard Mörike, Johann Peter Hebel, Joseph von Eichendorff, und Paul Boldt.) I was a participant at the 1992 Sewanee Writers’ Conference, held at the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee. This conference is held at the university every summer, and is supported by the Walter E. Dakin Memorial Fund, established through a bequest administered by the Estate of Tennessee Williams. My workshop was conducted by the poet Donald Justice, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1980. Awards First Place in the “Adirondack Review” German Poetry Contest for my translation of “Da ich ein Knabe war” (When I was Still a Boy) by the German poet Friedrich Hölderlin, December, 2000. First Place in the Long Beach City Poetry Competition for “A Little Death.” (July, 1993)